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Romney, WV

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Guesthouse Trenching and Grading Completed

Danny and Josh from Parks Excavators arrived on Friday and were able to get the outside work finished so the Guesthouse is ready for it's rough-in inspection on Monday. They dug the trench for the water connection to our existing well. Here are a couple of pictures, the run was about 250'.

Well Trench

Almost to the driveway near well

These next pictures show the trench for the electric line that will run to the closest pole. The gray conduit was laid in the hole and a rope was put through the conduit so the electric company will be able to pull the actual wire for the service entrance from the pole to the house. Hoping this will take place next week but might be in the following week.

From electric pole to house

Electric trench

Here are some shots after the final grading was completed. They took the front yard area down about 18" or so and it really made a difference. House sits about level with the road grade and you don't have the high swales to climb when you walk to the house. All the trenches are closed except for a small area down by the well where the plumbers will make the main water connection.

Front view from road
From driveway

Back of house- crawlspace entrance on left

All in all, a big day of progress. I was really impressed with the excavators, they really knew how to use their equipment and it was amazing how smooth/complete they were able to do the yard using only the heavy equipment. They did bring in a bulldozer to make the work of cutting down the front yard much easier.

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