Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Drawing of House & Some Details

Here's the latest drawing showing the house we're building. The most recent change is to extend the porch on the front door side of the house to the full length of the house. This way, there will only be a couple of stairs to the front door. We plan to have a parking area just off these stairs as well. We might add a set of stairs off this deck later but don't plan to do this right away.

We heard from Allegheny Power this week and have the final numbers for getting power extended 3,600 feet up the road to our lot- whew! Interesting way this is handled, you basically pay for the extension up front and then as other power customers connect to the line, you are reimbursed. In the perfect world, you have 5 years for enough other customers (about 6) to sign up to get all our money back.

The house is going to be located about 250 feet from the end of the cul-de-sac. The garage/workshop will be between the house and the road. This will be a 3 car garage (28'x36') on the first floor and the plan is to build a workshop over the garage. The foundation slab and garage walls will be poured at the same time as the house basement is poured but construction of the workshop will come later. The driveway will be a circular and gravel/shale running from the cul-de-sac completely around the shop and in front of the house.

The house is about 2200 square feet, 2 bedrooms (master on the main floor and guest off of the loft). There is also a full basement. Permitting is under way and we hope to break ground in the next few weeks, obviously the weather will be a factor this time of year. The house should be ready next summer.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Site Layout

We visited the site on November 13th to mark and locate where the house, shop, driveways, and septic fields will be located. Doug Copenhaver from Snowy River Log Homes (SNRL) and Custom Contracting was there along with Mark McNeal from SNRL to get everything marked. Here's a shot of Doug checking out the future view.

The picture below shows Doug and Mark finishing up the final elevations for the driveway.

We're waiting for information from Allegheney Energy to get the power extended to the property- hopefully the permits will be ready and we'll be excavating and putting in the foundation before Christmas.

Next steps are getting the permits filed and should have an update on the log kit delivery date soon as well.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Here's our future home site, house will sit about 150 feet in to the woods. Property is a total of 28.5 acres on 3 lots at the top of a small mountain. We're about 4 miles west of Romney, WV.

Contract Signed

We signed the contracts for the new house- Log kit from Snowy River Log Homes and the build by Custom Contracting. These are both actually the same company, out of Hedgesville, WV. The owner is Doug Copenhaver but everyone there has been great to work with so far.

House will be 2187 square feet plus a full basement and a lot of decking and porches. Will post the plans and drawings later.

Actual build will probably start in early to mid December after the permits are obtained. The next step is to meet at the property and stake out the final locations for the house, garage/shop, and driveways, will meet Doug in Romney on 11/11.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Opening Post

This blog will be used to track the build of our log home in Romney, West Virginia.