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Romney, WV

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Drywall Complete, Doors Going Up!

PeeWee Sites and his crew finished up the drywall in the guesthouse and everything looks good. Donna and I have started installing the interior doors and will get all the window casing in place this week. Plan is to hand the house back to PeeWee for painting next week. We've decided to go with a professional on the painting both for speed and sure it will look nicer. We won't install the baseboards until the floors are in but they will paint them so they will be ready to use with just a bit of touch up after they go on.

The wood for the exterior board and batten siding arrived yesterday as well so there is no shortage of material now to keep us busy. Hope to have a few nice days next week to start the siding. First step will be to install a pump type jack for a walkboard that will let us do the ends of the house without having to use so many ladders- should be interesting?

Here's a picture of one of the bedrooms, main door on the left and a louvered door on the right for the closet- Will put the casing around the closet doors today.

Front bedroom doors installed

Nice from the HVAC company will most likely be back today or tomorrow to try and finish up- would be nice to have the heat as it has turned cold here- low 30's in the mornings now.

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