Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Interior Framing and Electric

Lots of progress last week on the house. Interior walls are completed
and 90% of the rough in electric wiring. Most of the wires are in as
well. Plumbers are due here on Monday if the weather cooperates to start
the rough in plumbing. Here are some pictures including the front door
and bay window- these won't be installed until the front concrete porch
is poured so they don't get splashed with concrete.

Smoked Salmon

We bought a smoker and have been enjoying ourselves. It's a Bradley
Digital 4 Rack unit. Used small pucks made from sawdust in various wood
types for the smoke generation. Everything has been great so far, last
night, we smoked a salmon fillet. Great flavor, very flaky and stayed moist.

Metal Roof Installed

Our contractors installed the metal roof for the house last week. Here
are some shots as they worked.

Kitchenette Cabinets Completed

Finished up the cabinets for the kitchenette next to the theater room.
Finished and installed the wine & glass rack this morning. It was a fun

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kitchenette Nearly Done

Grouted the tile and installed the sink in the kitchenette- moved the
popcorn machine and fridge back in so ready to use! Still have a wall
rack to make and going to add a door to the one cabinet that is
currently open. Don't like the look of the open cabinet. Here's a picture.

Kitchenette Tile

Got the tile on the counter top for the theater kitchenette, room is
almost usable again.

House Backfill

Excavator was able to get the backfill around the house completed
yesterday. Came out better than expected. Will have a nice driveway and
will also have access across the back of the house to the road so we
won't have to have such a large area to turn a car around in the yard. Here
are some pictures. First one shows how I had to clear out the snow that we
had shoveled out of the house in to the basement hole- needed to be cleared out
to put down the final gravel and make sure it didn't settle when the 5 foot high
pile of snow melted. I did cheat a bit and got my small backhoe in there to remove
most of the snow and just had to finish with a shovel.

Front view
Easy access to yard from front porch
Easy access to garage