Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Paca Coats

We're supposed to have temps in the low 30's tonight so decided to put
coats on the pacas since they were just sheared. Here are a couple of
pictures- Donna made their coats last year and looks like she's going to
have to make a couple of new ones as the smallest coats just barely fit.
The guys seem to tolerate wearing them pretty well and hope they'll
appreciate them in the morning.

Plaques made with Trex

There are some pet and animal memorials I'm working on using the CNC
router. They're all from white Trex decking material- the black color
comes from a spray can of enamel paint. Working out the best way to
preserve the paint if these are left outdoors.

Shearing Complete

Here are a couple of pictures of the alpacas after they were sheared. We
plan to use the blanket fleece from each of the boys to make yarn. We
combined all the rest of the fleece from the legs, head, neck, etc.
together and will send it off to be made in to rug yarn like we've done
the last two years. We still haven't finished working on all the fleece
from last year so now we have 7 more blankets to work on!

Alpaca Shearing

Matt Best was here today to shear our alpacas, it's a quick process.
Arrived on site at 11:45 and was driving away at 12:45 after shearing 7
alpacas. Here are some pictures of Pepe getting sheared. Will do a
couple more posts with some shots of the crew after they were done.