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Romney, WV

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Guesthouse Progress, Driveway and Temporary Stairs

Haven't posted for a few days but there has been a lot of progress on the guesthouse. After the grading was finished, we had a load of gravel delivered to make a driveway next to the house and repair some of the areas in our existing driveways after the utility trenches were finished.

Here's a shot of me working to smooth out the gravel.

Dave working on the driveway

And here's a picture of the temp stairs we added to the back of the house. Eventually we plan to put a deck here and will use the stairs to reach the deck. Wanted to get these in place because we will be pouring the concrete for the front porch this week so need an alternative way in and out of the house while the concrete sets up. I also added some mulch to make a path from the driveway as we've had a lot! of rain the last few days.

Temporary stairs for back door

Next post about the interior work that was done last week.

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