Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Jasmine and I came across some prints on our morning walk this week. Second shot looks like it might be from a turkey (that's my handkerchief folded on the ground to try to give some scale, about 4-5" across).

Long Distance View

A lot of the leaves are off the trees so the view to see the house from the approach road has improved.

Shop Siding Continued

I've continued to work to get the siding on the workshop, all of the siding is up and the battens and trim have been completed on the front and back. Took some time to get the plywood up in the soffits but making steady progress. We plan to spend a bit of time in Romney for the Thanksgiving week so hope to get both ends completed while we're there. Here are a couple of pictures.

You can see the extension ladder and it's not a fast process to put up one board at a time- for the battens, I was able to nail on 4 of them before I had to move the ladder, a lot of up and down but it's going well. The winds were really strong today so decided to call it a week and head home to Leesburg- too strong to be spending time holding plywood on a ladder!

BTW, I used the same 1x12 rough sawn wood for the horizontal siding around the garage doors. Used a router to make a rabbet on the edge to create the overlap. Plan now is to get the rest of the wood in place and then to put another coat of stain on the entire building in the spring- all the wood has at least one coat of stain so should be good until then.