Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Monday, February 14, 2011

Home Theater Started

We've started work on the basement home theater. Had to put up the framing for the outside walls and build a riser for the back of the room where the second row of seats will be. Plan is for 3 seats ii the front row and 2 in the back. The inside walls for the theater as well as the small kitchen area and bath were completed as part of the original house build.

After the framing was complete, ran all the electric for the 3 rooms along with some speaker wire to the outside walls where the audio equipment will sit. All equipment except for the projector will be in a bay that extends from the theater in to the utility area of the basement. All wiring will be brought there and will have access to the rear of the equipment for the connections. Should also be able to add ventilation to that area to keep the equipment cooler as well.

Projector will be installed on a ceiling mount, just behind the first row of seats and just below the drop down ceiling we'll be installing.

Here are a few pictures of the progress. You can see Deago found the riser a comfortable spot to rest during a break in the work, he likes to be where the action is. Fourth picture shows the opening to the equipment area. The drywall is up on all the walls and has the first coats of plaster. We're still finalizing the final finish for the walls but hope to make more progress in a couple of weeks.

The last picture shows a trial run of the theater. It was sitting on a table in the room and projected on to the drywall, you may recognize a scene from Avatar! Screen size will be 106".

Closet Shelving

Long time since I've posted, a lot of work going in different parts of the house and shop. Here are a couple of pictures of some cedar shelving units we installed in the master bedroom closet. We saw these at the DC area home show earlier in the year, they're made by a company in Kentucky and the pricing was reasonable. Very modular so you have a lot of flexibility but have to really think through what you're going to need and make a plan first. It also helps to remember or keep a copy of your plan after you've ordered the units and waited 6 weeks to install them, lol.