Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Friday, December 13, 2013

Guest Cabin Ready!

Living Room
View from front door
Dining & Kitchen
Back Bedroom
We spent the last couple of days moving furniture in to the guest cabin-
kitchen, dining, living room, and one bedroom are ready to go. We still
have some minor items to finish like some storage and cleaning but we're
ready for our fist visitors. Delores and Paul are due here next week so
will be the first occupants. I'm thinking it might be fun to make sure
we get a picture of everyone that stays in the house?

Here are some pictures of the furnishings.

Satellite TV

Temporary satellite dish
Hooked up the satellite TV today- placed the dish on a temporary pole
until I decide where to mount it permanently. I tried to extend a cable
from the house so we wouldn't need a dish but was just too far. The dish
was only $119 and ordered it yesterday and it arrived today. Here's a
picture of the setup. We used the settings for the dish that were supplied as part of the setup program and it worked very well.

The post is a piece of 6x6 left over from the front porch post install with a couple of 4x4's on the bottom to keep it upright, I put a couple of scoops of gravel over the supports to make it more stable and to help keep it level. Hopefully it will stay put. It looks like I'll be able to mount the dish to the side of the house for a more permanent installation.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Not all Work

It seems like all we've done the last few months is work on the
guesthouse but we have had some nice breaks along the way. A lot of
fires outside and we (mostly Donna) spent a lot of time on the annual
Warm the Children drive that helps provide warm clothes for kids in our

Here are a couple of recent pictures- first is a nice sunrise coming up
over the mountain. The other two show the snow on the roof of the
fireplace pavilion after it started to warm up- it slowly slid down and
made an interesting curve before it finally all dropped off yesterday

Enjoy the holidays if we don't talk before then!
Closeup of snow curl
Snow curl on the pavilion

Moving In

We moved some furniture and kitchen items to the guesthouse today- used
the forklift to carry the furniture up through the snow. Have a steam
cleaner coming today for the furniture and once they are done, will be
able to move in the rest of the furnishings. Here are a couple of
pictures and you can see our high tech moving process. I hope to get the TV
set up in the next few days as well. For now, will probably run a cable over
ground from the house and bury it when the weather improves.

Furniture to be cleaned
Kitchen Stuff
TV read for install

Dishwasher In- Kitchen Completed

Kitchen Complete
The replacement dishwasher arrived on Tuesday and was able to get it
installed. At this point, the kitchen is ready for use with a couple of
minor follow ups.

Porch Posts

Front Porch
It was a bit chilly and you can see all the snow that is still here
after a good day of thawing. We did manage to get the posts for the front
porch added. These will eventually be the framing for a portion of the
porch to be screened but think that will be a spring or summer project.

Bedroom Carpets Are In

Even though we had 6" of snow on Monday, the carpet installers managed
to make it to the house to install the carpet in the bedrooms. They did
a nice job and were very quick- no more than a couple of hours.
Master Bedroom

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Cabinets & Appliances

We spent the last couple of days finishing up the install of the kitchen
cabinets and installing the appliances. Have a couple of minor plumbing
issues to sort out but a lot of progress. The dishwasher that was
delivered turned out to be black instead of the white we ordered so it
will be going back and a white one delivered on Monday. Hoping to call
for the final inspection next week after the carpet is installed. Just have a few 
more items to take care of before then. We had a minor flood in the laundry 
area today so will have to investgate what is going on with the laundry center- 
it was full of water and a lot on the floor leaking through to the crawlspace. 
Will try again tomorrow and see what is going on.

From dining area
Bargain sink!
Laundry Center