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Romney, WV

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Roof Completed, Interior Walls Done

Bill, Brad, and Tim finished up the metal roof yesterday and it looks great. There is a thin layer of foam insulation laid under the metal roof panels to minimize the amount of condensation that will form. All the corners and trim were installed with enough space to allow Donna and I to put on the trim boards after we get the siding completed.

Here's a finished picture of the house.

Here are a couple of pictures showing the interior walls after the roofing was done. First one is standing at the outside wall of the dining/living area looking back to towards the bedrooms. We had to make some changes to the original floor plan concept as I didn't leave enough room for the hallway to be 36" wide. You can see we've installed the bedroom doors on an angled wall and then we made the utility closet a bit smaller. There should still be enough room for a stackable washer/dryer unit, the hot water heater and a chase for the HVAC return.

This picture is from the front corner of the house looking back to the kitchen/dining area. You can see the patio door which will exit out to a small deck area with steps to the driveway. Hoping to be able to bring the driveway to the back side of the house so that the patio door will be convenient for carrying things in to the kitchen area. The sink will be in front of the small, square window and the stove and refrigerator will be on the wall to the right. Kitchen will be an L shape and we have a 10'x10' area to work with. 

Plan today is to start the rough in for the electric. They will first set the meter socket and main electrical panel and then start running the individual circuits. I met with the HVAC guy this week and he hopes to be able to install his equipment the week after next. The drywaller installer/finisher is due here on Monday to finalize his estimate, barring some great price increase, we plan to use a professional for that because my skills in finishing drywall leave a lot to be desired!

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