Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Guesthouse Crawlspace Completed

The builders finished up the crawlspace on Friday and it's ready for inspection. First picture shows the completed build including the main middle beam to support the floor joists. The joists and sub floor material are on site and plan is to get the floor completed next week.

Here's a picture showing the trench on the outside of the wall There is 4" plastic pipe all the way around the crawlspace for drainage. The pipe is covered with gravel and then a woven material to allow water to seep down to the pipes.

This is the front wall of the house and you can see the concrete block footers that will support a 8' wide covered front porch that will extend across the entire front of the house. This should be a nice area to sit and watch the critters go by once the house is done.

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