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Romney, WV

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Roof Trusses Arrive

The trusses for the roof arrived early this morning and were off loaded with a crane. There are 19 of the trusses and the plan is to have another crane here on Monday to get them installed on the house. The trusses are very near the same shape as the ones used on the workshop and should give a nice look.

Trusses on truck

All the trusses were lifted at once and set on the ground at the end of the house.

On their way!

The front porch end is to the right in the picture above. Porch roof will extend out 8' over the concrete front porch and then there is about another 12-18" of overhang all the way around the house.

The two shower and shower/tub units are supposed to be delivered on Friday so they will be here when the interior stud partitions for all the rooms are constructed. This will ensure they are inside the bathrooms before the walls go up as they won't fit through the doors.

Metal for the roof should be delivered on Tuesday so with good weather, we should have a roof over the house by mid next week. The ends of the house will need to be enclosed, etc. but when the crew is here, they really make progress. Not sure exactly when the windows and doors will arrive but that may be next week as well.

So far, we've been very impressed by the construction team. We're acting as our own general contractor but they have been more than willing to offer advice and guidance on other vendors we'll use and on timing for the various steps in the construction.

Last bit of news for the day is that the board and batten siding has been ordered- should be delivered late next week or early the following week. At that point, Donna and I will have to get really busy getting this in place and painted.

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