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Romney, WV

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wood for Fencing

Milled a number of oak logs last week that our neighbor, Kathy, let us have after she had some trees taken down in her backyard. Here are some pictures of the milling in progress.

First picture shows one of the logs ready to be lifted on to the mill, second shows the log after 4 cuts have been made to square it up. At this point, the nearly square cant was cut to 4" wide sections and then I took 1" pieces off to make the 1x4's.

Third shot shows the 1x4's after being cut from the log for gates. I had already completed all of the 1x6's for the fencing itself.

The last picture shows the stack of wood ready for use. I put some 1" thick pieces of wood between each layer to allow the lumber to dry a bit- it's very wet after being cut and if not separated, mold can quickly start to grow in only a day or two.

I plan to take all the gate material and about half of the fencing to begin the fence. I installed the mesh on the posts last week so all is ready to start putting up the rails. More pictures of the fence work in another post.

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