Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Log Splitter & Wood Stove Prep

In preparation for installing a wood stove later this year, we picked up a log splitter this week and tested it a bit. Have some wood ready now for our outside camp type fires now that the weather is starting to turn a bit cooler. Here's a picture of the splitter and first test pile. It worked well and with all the downed tress we have on the property, we should be able to make good use of them as a supplemental heating source.

We're still investigating wood stoves, the location in the basement will be a bit of a challenge since it will have such a long chimney and draft to overcome to get a fire started. Will probably go with a bit larger stove than originally planned, we're told that starting a hot, large fire will get the draft going and then we can bank it back down as originally planned. There are many stove brands out there and a lot to figure out, right now, we're looking at an Osburne unit, from Canada that looks like it would do the job and comes highly recommended by a local seller. The dealer told us he knows of a few of these stoves installed in a similar situation as ours in the basement and they have worked well. We don't have to decide on this for a while so will continue to check out some other models too.

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