Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fence Gate

Started some work this week on some gates to shut off portions of the decking to keep the dogs confined. I'm not happy with how they've come out so far. We're using a piece of the railing but having a hard time getting the gates to stay straight- for the railings, they're anchored to posts at both ends so no issue but with one end loose for the gate, it wants to bend a bit. Will try a few ideas later or may decide to go a different route. Plan is to have one of these by the back door as well as at the entrance to the decking on the front of the house.

We also had a local fence company, Bland Fencing, come in and set the posts for our fence. Thought about setting these ourselves but decided to hire a pro given the shale and slopes involved. The posts are set and will post a picture or two next week. We'll be doing a four board, paddock style fence. I have a number of logs from a neighbors downed oak that I'll be milling in to 1x6's to use for the fence rails. There will be a 4' high wire mesh on the posts as well to keep the dogs in and hopefully some critters out.

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