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Romney, WV

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shop Staining Started

Started staining the boards for the shop siding this week. Plan is to stain the main boards for each wall, then install them before moving on to the next side. This keeps me from having to keep so much of the wood standing in the shop after it's stained and will hopefully minimize the amount of handling. I'm starting with the front of the shop and built some stands inside to sit the wood on while I'm applying the stain with a sprayer. I can do 3 boards at a time and have 4 stations set up to hold the boards but will drop to 3 stations as I get to the longer boards. The first side material are only 10' long.

The first picture shows 3 of the boards ready for spraying, the next is the boards after the first coat. Only took about 30 minutes to stain 40 boards with a single coat of stain and about 20 minutes to clean the sprayer! If only I was using a latex stain, it would be a lot easier to clean up. Stain needs to dry 24 hours between coats. Will probably have a bit of touch up to do once all the boards are up but wanted to limit the ladder time.

The last picture shows one of the boards after a second coat has been applied standing against the front of the shop. I hope to start putting on the siding next week but still thinking through how I'm going to reach the other sides since they are 1 1/2 to 2 stories, may go with just a ladder but also looking at trying to rent some kind of a lift as well. If I do end up with some type of lift, that might change the stain plans considerable as I would want to have all the wood ready to go before I start paying for the equipment.

More pictures next week.

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