Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Steel Gate for Decking

We're going to use two steel gates on our decks to be sure the dogs aren't able to get off the deck and out of the fenced area. Here's a picture of one of the gates, temporarily mounted at the front entrance, need to redo the hinges but wanted to have it in place in case the dogs visit with us on our next trip to WV. The gate is 2" steel tubing for the outside and the pickets are 3/4" twisted wrought iron. The gates still need to be sanded and painted with a final coat of paint but it's functional.

The two gates were fabricated by a local Romney, WV company called HMI that is only a couple of miles away. The gates custom made to fit the openings and were ready earlier than promised, they put a coat of paint on them that you can tell was done by welders (LOL) but will be easy enough to put a final finish coat on ourselves once we decide on color, black or green?

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  1. If you can approximate the color of the stain on the house i think that would look nice to tie it all back together!