Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Friday, July 2, 2010

Roof Vent Installed

The owner of the roofing company returned late on Tuesday afternoon to install the roof vent. It was still pretty hot and I can't imagine sitting on the hot shingles but he got the job done. He also added the shingles around the chimney so the stone guys can finish up. They'll make one more trip to the house to finish around the chimney and to replace some of the shingles in the valley between the house and the porch- some of these have buckled so will be replaced. It's water tight but doesn't look very good right now- the roofer immediately noticed what had happened since they had been installed and said he would be back to take care of it, I didn't have to raise the issue, they saw it and will get it sorted, a nice approach to doing business.

Here are a couple of pictures.

In the first picture, on the right, you can see Mechanicsburg Gap. This is the same gap where the cloud picture from a previous post was located but this is the view from the property. Highway 50 which is a major East/West Route runs through the gap and there is a Civil War fort on top of the mountain ridge that still has the original trenches from that war. The fort was used to control the approach from the West towards Romney.

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