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Romney, WV

Friday, July 2, 2010

Basement Stairs & Walls

Basement stairs were completed this week. The stairs are made from pine and there is a landing at the bottom where you can turn towards the back of the house or in to what will become the theater. Pictures show Ryan and Mike setting and attaching the stairs. Later, the platforms at the bottom were added using pine flooring material. You can see how the platform will be about 8" high where it joins the theater room- we'll have a riser in that room for chairs so you won't step down as you enter. In the other direction, there is a step down to the cement basement floor level. You can also just make out the ends of the 8' long sawhorses that were built to support the trim material while it's being stained. The floor underneath is covered in plastic sheeting.

The last shots show some of the stud walls that have been completed to frame the theater, kitchenette, mechanical room, and bathroom in the basement. Not all of these walls will have drywall applied, many of the walls will be left open (on at least one side) so I'll have access later to complete the plumbing and electrical work.

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