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Romney, WV

Friday, July 2, 2010

More Staining

Not surprisingly, there is a LOT of wood in a log house! The exterior painting continued this week, Jason and Vance joined Butch for a couple of days to get the outside nearly completed- everything has a first coat and there are just a few places that need to have the second coat completed. The color (Sikkens Dark Oak) is just what we were looking for, dark without any hints of reds or orange and applies well. You can see in the pictures the areas that have a single coat have a dull appearance but once the second coat is added, a much brighter sheen is evident.

The first two pictures show the entire crew working on the south wall of the house, scaffolding was set up on the deck to reach the highest peaks although only the lowest portion remains in the pictures. The last picture shows the porch area outside the dining room and the rough sawn plywood ceiling after it's been stained.

I spent the week staining the interior walls and ceilings. If anyone knows a painters trick to keep the paint from running down on your hand when painting a ceiling, let me know. I found the best way was to just wipe it off once in a while. All of the interior except two walls (the east and west walls in the great room) have at least a coat of primer and most of the surfaces have received a finish coat as well. I concentrated on the areas where drywall will be applied to get as much staining completed as possible before that starts next week.

Butch lost his painting help for next week but will most likely concentrate on getting the interior trim wood pre stained before the carpenters start to apply it. Much easier to get it coated while it's laying on sawhorses in the basement.

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  1. Your home looks beautiful!! I was wondering if you can tell me how the Sikkens has held up? We just stained our log home with the exact same stain and color and applied two coats although the can and Sikkens recommends only one coat. I was wondering if it mattered that much with the two coats.

    Thank you!