Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Friday, May 28, 2010

Shed Roof on Back of House Dried In

Two very hot days of work saw the shed roof that covers the back porch and kitchen on the back side of the house completed. The entire house is now under roof. Doug, Mike, Matt, and Ryan spent some time really talking through the construction of the roof on the ground before getting started and it all went together as planned. Over the next couple of weeks, the chimney cutout on the front side of the house will be cut in in preparation for the chimney to be installed. After this, we'll see a roofing crew come in to get the shingles in place. Timing is to be determined but work is moving right along.

The first couple of pictures show the rafters being tied in to the existing roof, then the decking and sheeting being applied. One picture shows the underside of the sheeting looking up from where the porches will be built. There will be a rough sawn plywood ceiling in the two porches. Another picture shows a birds eye view of the new roof addition from the window wall end of the house as it was nearing completion. The last picture also shows the addition of a couple of rows of trim boards on the eaves of the house to complete the look, they really dress up the roof line.

BTW, we had another lizard join us to take some sun one evening after work was done. He hung around for a few hours before heading back in to the woodpile.


  1. First off great shot of the lizard! I love all of the photos, and the details. I can not wait to be able to visit and see all of the work that has been done.

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