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Romney, WV

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interior Work Continues

Had a rainy week in Romney so work continued on the inside of the house. There was a lot of moving and shifting around to allow both carpentry work to build walls as well as some staining and sanding. The log walls and beams are being sanded with a random orbital sander and by the end of the week, I was hearing the bzzzz sound in my sleep. With better weather coming up next week, we'll be able to get some work completed outside while the sanding and staining continues inside.

Pictures show the stud interior walls going up to define the rooms- the master bedroom closet was the first set of walls that went up followed by the office and the mudroom. Be the end of the week, all the first floor interior walls were set and Dave T. the electrician/plumber was hard at work installing wire and cutting holes for plumbing runs. The master bedroom shower was also set in place before the walls went up.

The 2x6 pine tongue and groove flooring was laid in the upstairs loft area. There will be a large, open loft to the great room and a walled off bedroom and bath as well. The floor in the loft looks great and can't wait to see it sanded and stained. This floor is also the ceiling in a large part of the downstairs area and having only this single layer presented the builders with a challenge. There will be a wood ceiling in the powder room and master bath on the first floor where wiring and HVAC ducts will run but only the one layer over the office, bedroom, and kitchen.

Two pictures show the unique solution that the Custom Contracting team came up with- they split some flooring across the 6" dimension, then routed out a channel where wire can run. This will be used in a couple of areas where a wire is needed and once the wire is in place, the channel will be covered with a piece of metal (to prevent a future puncture) and then the top of the flooring will be glued back in place so the wire/channel is never seen. Hopefully the pictures help show how this will work- one is of a board being cut by Mike to put in place, another shows a piece that has been laid in the floor with wire but the top cover hasn't been added.

The other pictures include one of the one piece shower for the master bath, the front door (the door isn't crooked, I was!) that has been hung, and one final shot of Doug and Mark marking the layout for the kitchen cabinets on the floor. Mark did this to ensure that all will fit as planned before the actual construction of the cabinets is started. You can see how good the loft floor looks and the walls that have been started on that level- the whirlpool tub for the upstairs bath will be lifted in place before the bath walls are constructed. Hopefully, we'll never need to take this one out.

Next week, the plan is to try to get the porch roof completed on the back side of the house which will really define the two porch areas that are on each side of the bump out for the kitchen. One of these areas will eventually be screened in while the second will be open from the dining room.

Donna and I will spend a lot of time in the next few weeks selecting lighting and plumbing fixtures. We visited the Lowes in Winchester on Saturday and were impressed by the large selection of lighting we found and we think we're making progress towards our picks. We have some other lighting sources to consider as well and the final calls for flooring are getting near as well. On the first level, it will be mostly hardwood with tile in the kitchen and bath areas- these are the really hard choices.

Because I'm only able to have 5 pictures in a single post, there are additional pictures related to this update in a second post labeled as part 2. I'll work on figuring out how to get all the pictures in a single post.

Feel free to comment or contact us with questions, thanks for looking.

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