Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Friday, May 28, 2010

House to Garage Electric Line

Here are some shots of the work to tie the electric line from the house (where the main power panel is located) to the garage. After the trench was dug about 2' deep, holes were drilled in the concrete walls at each end. That sounds a lot easier than it is. Dave T., the electrician/plumber, spent quite a bit of time in the trench pushing the electric drill through the concrete- at the house end of the line, the concrete is 12" thick so takes a while!

After the conduit and electric is run, the hole around the pipe through the concrete is sealed with a fast setting concrete mortar. Then the pipe is covered with stone dust and the hole filled back in. Process just took a few hours helped along by some heavy machinery although you can see that Doc had to spend some time in the trench with a shovel.

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