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Romney, WV

Friday, May 28, 2010

Garage Concrete Floor Poured

The first picture shows a view of the shop plan, the 4' overhang on the front was a late addition. We just thought it would look a little nicer and we can put a deck along the front for those days when I like to work outside. Sometimes it's nice to have the planer outside where it can throw chips without having to worry about dust collection. This building will have only a couple of windows to maximize the wall space inside the shop. We'll stain it to match the house and we're using the same shingles as well.

On Thursday, the floor for the garage/workshop was poured- the crew did a great job. Pictures show some of the preparation work to get the gravel base level along with setting markers in the floor to establish the height of the concrete. By the end of the day, the floor was drying well and looks really good- there is a 2" slope from the back of the garage to help drain water.

The concrete stoop for the workshop entrance was also set. Prior to getting the concrete completed, the electrical line was extended from the house to the garage. This involved digging about a 2' deep trench and pulling the electric wiring through conduit. It's going to be great to have electric and water in the new shop! Permits for the garage construction were issued this week as well and the subfloor and framing work will probably start in a week or two.

Current plan is for Donna and I to finish the exterior of the shop (board and batten siding) and add the decking after the Custom Contracting team gets it framed and dried in. Of course, this is subject to change once we see how much work we've gotten ourselves in to.

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