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Romney, WV

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pizza Oven Stucco

More progress on the pizza oven. I covered the dome with fiberglass insulation, the batts of insulation are just over 1" thick so I did 3 layers on the oven and 2 layers over the entrance area. Here are a couple of pictures. First one is just after the first layer was applied.

Next picture shows all the fiberglass in place and hardware cloth being formed to hold the insulation in place and give the dome shape.

This picture shows the dome with the hardware cloth completely in place, ready for the first coat of stucco.

Here's everything ready to start mixing the stucco- the first coat is applied about 1/2-3/4" thick. The stucco is 1 part portland cement, one part lime, and 4-5 parts of sand.

Here's the dome with the stucco applied and the basic dome shape is in place. After this dries a bit, at least one more coat will be added. I'll increase the amount of lime in the mix which supposedly helps with the weather proofing. It may need a final coat or might use some kind of a limestone coating or paint to try and keep the dome as weather tight as possible.

More pictures when I get to the second coat, hopefully on Saturday.

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