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Romney, WV

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guesthouse Crawlspace Excavation

This morning, the excavator for the guesthouse arrived through the fog and rain to dig out the crawlspace.

The first thing they did was to cut in a driveway area. This will later be covered with gravel once the construction work is completed.

Then they worked the rest of the day to get the dig completed. Here's a picture of the work under way.

Digging out the main area

These are two pictures after the excavation was completed.

Looking from back towards existing house

Looking over porch area

The area at the front of the picture right above shows where the footing for the front porch will be laid. Next comes concrete for the footings- about 8-10" of concrete will be poured in to the footing areas and once this dries, the concrete block foundation will be laid. We're looking for the walls to be about 4' or so high, the back area may be a bit higher and it looks to me like they may have dug this a bit deeper than I expected. Worse case, we'll be able to add a couple more rows of block and make the crawlspace and have a bit more head room.

This last picture shows a ditching machine that will be used to dig two trenches. One will go from the side of the house to the electric pole across the cul-de-sac for the electric service. The second ditch will be over 300' around the cul-de-sac to the existing wellhead which is near the workshop. Sharing the well with the main house saves us over $5K! Originally, they were going to dig the trenches at the same time as the foundation but decided it would be better once the crawlspace is completed to finish that work.


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