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Romney, WV

Friday, August 16, 2013

Oven Curing

After completing the first coat of stucco on the oven on Wednesday, on Thursday I did another curing fire for about 5 hours. Oven temps reached nearly 500 degrees inside, the dome was warm on the outside but you could tell the insulation was keeping the heat inside.

I let the fire burn down about 3pm and at 8 pm, it was still over 400 degrees in the oven, this morning at 8 am, it was still reading about 200 degrees. Once the oven is completely cured, it should hold temps well overnight. The idea is that you can heat to 7 or 800 degrees to do pizza, then as the oven cools, you can cook other foods like roasts, bread, vegetables, etc.

If I can get the second coat of stucco applied on Saturday and do a couple more curing fires, should be able to cook for real next week- right now I've been using pine for the curing fires but will switch to hard woods if we decide to use the fire for cooking.

More later on the oven build.

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