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Romney, WV

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pizza Oven Progress

On Saturday, I used the refractory (high heat) mortar that came with the oven kit to cement the 3 pieces of the oven together. Here are a couple of pictures.

Second picture also shows the attachment for the chimney where it enters the oven. This was secured in place with screws after sealing with chimney/heat caulking.

I also spent some time cutting some blocks for the arch that will surround the door way, here's a picture of the blocks sitting on top of a plywood form that will hold them until the mortar dries. We're still sorting out how we want to handle the area directly in front of the oven but will most likely use a large patio block or a piece of granite?

Next steps are to set the arch in mortar and then cover the oven with an insulating blanket. Then, it will take a couple of layers of mortar to finish.

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