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Monday, July 22, 2013

Pizza Oven Crate Opened

Finally opened up the crate with the pizza oven to check out what it looks like. Everything looks to have arrived in good condition, nice thing is the oven is sitting in the crate the way it will be constructed so easy to see how it goes together. The dome is in 3 pieces, will have to figure out how heavy they are to sort out the best way to move them, may need some help.

The oven dome rests on a 2" thick blanket of fiber insulation (very itchy!), then the 3 dome pieces are set on top of the blanket with fire bricks inside the dome to make up the floor of the oven. The dome is then mortared together with refractory (high heat) mortar and then covered with about a 3" thick layer of fiber insulation to keep the heat in.

The chimney is added and at that point, the oven is usable but will need to be covered. Leaning towards using a stucco finish at this point that would complement the stone in the patio area- might use some of the patio bricks to make an arch on the opening of the oven as well but will figure that out later.

Here are some pictures of the oven as it was opened up.

Crate Top Removed
Fiberglass batting roll
Oven as it will be built

Front view with door

The oven has a metal door that can be used to help hold the heat for baking, when cooking pizzas, the oven is left open with an open fire to the side. The inside of the oven is 36" in diameter so there should be room for at least 2 10" pizzas next to the fire. Hoping the learning curve won't be too long to use the oven but understand it takes some time to get the hang of using it and learning the characteristics of your own oven.

Hope to start construction sometime this week, stay tuned.

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  1. Omg! We are loving watching this. Fun House look out! Hope you have enough Canadian Bacon stocked for the learning curve. 8-)
    PS Keep the Sparky pix coming too!