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Romney, WV

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Front Patio Nearly Complete

Work has continued this week on the front patio, the pavilion is nearly completed. I just need to do some trim work but haven't decided just what to do yet. The pavers are all in place and the plan is for the landscaper to put in the silicone/sand mixture on Friday if the weather forecast continues to call for dry weather, the mixture needs 24 hours to set. As I understand it, this mixture will fill in the gaps and then harden so water doesn't penetrate the pavers and at the same time, it has some flexibility so it will stick to the stone pavers but accommodate some movement.

The stand for the pizza oven is completed as well and most of the top for the sink area are ready to go. I'm leaving those loose for now until I purchase a faucet so I can figure out how to get the faucet and sink holes in to the concrete tops.Lighting is in place and looks really good, will include a picture below of the patio area lit up at night in a separate post.

Here are the latest shots.

Overall View

Tongue & Groove Ceiling in Pavilion

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