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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alpaca Blanket from Triangle Loom

Here's a picture of a small lap blanket that I made on the triangle loom. Basically, two 6 foot triangles are weaved on the loom at the same time, the second triangle goes on top of the first after it's done. Once all the weaving is completed, the two triangles are brought together while still on the loom with a crochet type stitch along the hypotenuse. Once removed from the loom, you have a square blanket. Easier to see than describe!

The blanket is 100% alpaca, the light brown yarn is from Delorean and the dark is from Tuxedo. The yarn was spun from their blankets and is nice and soft. Should make a nice rug to provide some warmth when setting on the couch- the weave is fairly open so shouldn't be too hot. Will try to find some pictures of the rug as it was in progress but here's the finished picture.

Alpaca Lap Blanket

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