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Romney, WV

Monday, July 22, 2013

More Sparky Pictures

Sparky has been a busy boy lately. He likes to meet the alpacas through the fence and loves to explore the back yard, sometimes at high speed! Donna has also been working with him and he's doing really well learning to follow hand signals for sit, lay down, watch me, stay, etc. He's a smart little guy. Yesterday, he was the hit of the party at a BBQ we went to with some friends from the area. Got a lot of treats, was held a lot and generally had a great time, he was wore out by the time we made it home. Here are a few pictures to enjoy.

Saying hi to Delorean and Gold

Welcoming Donna back from the barn

"Watch Me"

Sparky at speed

He's growing fast, has really gotten taller and weighed 12 pounds at the last checkup. We're hoping we'll find him a new home in the next few weeks so they can enjoy him as a little guy too.

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