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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Screen Porch

We were able to get the screened walls installed for the screen porch earlier in the summer. We worked with a company called New Look Services and they did a great job. Tom and Darlene visited us twice, the first time to measure for the windows and the second time to deliver and help with the installation. We are well out of the area they normally work (they are in Lorton, VA) but had been talking with them about this project for a few years at their booths for the various home shows we have attended.

I put in the pressure treated framing for the windows to mount and all came together well. The walls are screened but have a sliding vinyl "window" that allows you to close off the porch completely to the weather- should make it usable for a full three seasons. Their web site to take a look at the product is:


The first two pictures show the porch after the install and the the third one shows some detail for the trim I needed to do in order to enclose the porch against the log walls. A little scribe work, then, cutting the 1"x6 with a jig saw, and finally some caulking to get a tight seal. We had previously put screening under the deck when it was built so hopefully, we'll keep out most of the bugs. I did find a hole that I missed with caulking, it was pointed out by a small (about 15") snake that decided to come inside, we happened to see him on the way in so was able to capture him and send him on his way, you can bet I filled that hole with a lot of wood and caulking as I don't like snakes!

Last picture shows the screened porch from the outside- there is a doggie door in the screen door but haven't got the dogs using this yet- although Jasmine will come in through the door without prompting- she likes to be inside.

More later.

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