Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Sunday, July 24, 2011


What a job, moving a 90 gallon salt water tank and we're still not done. We ended up setting up a 30 gallon tank at the new house to move most of the coral and livestock in to- we've lost a few things but still have a few fish that will make it to the new setup. We finished getting the 90 gallon tank set up yesterday and filled with fresh saltwater. Going to let it run a few days to make sure all is well before we move the fish and the rest of the rock and corals.

Pictures show the two tanks as they sit in the basement and a view in to the aquarium closet where I've set up the Reverse Osmosis unit. Don't have the automatic filler running yet but shouldn't take long to get that going. It's nice having this equipment near the tanks so I don't have to run hoses through the wall as we did in Leesburg. The RO equipment feeds a 30 gallon bucket for salt water and a 20 gallon bucket for fresh water. We use the fresh water for coffee as well.

Donna is talking about setting up the 30 gallon tank upstairs in the family room but that will probably be a project for next years todo list.

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