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Romney, WV

Sunday, July 24, 2011

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Well, it's been way too long since we added anything to the blog, we've been busy! We sold our house in Leesburg in only about 6 weeks so that was great news. The sale closed on June 30 so we have only one house now, here in Romney. Donna and I moved ourselves, about 5 loads in a Uhaul and then too many loads to count with the pickup, car, and trailer- we have way too much stuff but we're slowly working through it. A shame to have moved it here only to throw it out or give it away but that's the way it worked out.

We're having some really hot weather so most of our work has been inside. We're enjoying some of the wildlife but will enjoy it more when the weather cools and we can spend more time outside. This picture is of a baby deer that has been hanging around for about 3 weeks. Not a great shot, but you get the idea.

There is actually a second baby deer with this one, no sign of the mother and unusual we're told for them to stay so close to the house. We've actually been within about 5 feet of them, coming across them laying down in the grass while we're on a walk, the dogs scare them away and we think they've moved on for good, then see them a day or two later. One of them has been under the front deck, Donna was looking out the window about 8:45 pm one evening and a fox walked through the front yard, then a couple of minutes later, the baby deer came out from under the deck- don't think they even saw each other.

We've seen plenty of hawks, lizards, and other small critters- our neighbor killed a Timber Rattlesnake a few weeks ago in their yard. They are usually at a higher elevation but not totally unheard of in the area.

Watch for more posts showing some pictures of the theater which is nearly complete and I'm just starting work on the observatory to have it in place in time for fall.

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