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Romney, WV

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Basement Kitchenette/Bath

Work is progressing on the kitchenette and bath we're doing in the basement. Bath is nearly complete, some final painting and trim work to do. Will most likely use rope for some trim as was done in the rest of the house. Notice my helpers as I was taking some pictures. Deago and Jasmine like to be involved.

Kitchen room is done, just using an old workbench to hold the popcorn machine for now. I'm going to make some cabinets to fit the room since it is so narrow. That will have to be a winter project as the workshop is not fit for use, it's mainly a large, storage area at this point but will put this on the todo list which seems to grow each day!

We had some wood siding left over from the house build so used a bit of it in each of the basement rooms, just one wall in each room. We'll leave them the natural color in the bath and kitchenette but stained the log wall black in the theater.

Floors are vinyl tile, we found a local store that has remnants at really good prices, probably less than $100 in the floor material and have some left over to use around the aquarium.

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