Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kitchen Progress

More progress in the kitchen this week. Two layers of plywood were installed for the counter tops that will be the foundation for the ceramic tile. Cutouts for the sink and island cook top were made. One picture shows the sink sitting in the cutout along with the view from the window. The two lights over the island are installed and should provide plenty of light for cooking. Another picture shows the moldings that were applied at the top of the cabinets, a nice finishing touch. Our plans are to display a number of plates that we've collected over the years on top of the cabinets which should add some color to the kitchen area. We also picked out the granite that will be used on the breakfast bar that sits on top of the cabinet you see from the dining room. This will give us a large, smooth space to use for rolling out cooking dough and other actions where a tile counter top might be a disadvantage. The granite is a light color and will also have a matching piece in the powder room and we're using an extra slab of the granite for a sofa tabletop we needed to replace after it was broken many years ago.

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