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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kitchen & Bath Cabinets Arrive

The kitchen and bath cabinets arrived in two loads this week, they look great- a lot of variation in the maple wood as we hoped. The cabinet maker, Gary, said he had to order the maply plywood twice because the first load he received was too clear! The kitchen doors are inset to the cabinets with black hinges. The rest of the hardware will be Oil Rubbed Bronze to match the rest of the fixtures. The top of the upper cabinets will also be flush so that we can display plates and other items in the space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling- having the flat surface will make it easy to use!

The first shots show the first cabinet being carried in by Mike and Ryan. Most of the base cabinets are set along with the upper cabinets on one side of the kitchen. The island has been wheeled in to place in order to cut the hole in the bottom for the cook top exhaust fan. The space in the end of the island is for a small beverage refrigerator, the other end of the island has a book case for cook books.

There are a couple of base cabinets including the one for the breakfast bar to be set. A deck to support the ceramic tile counter tops will need to be added and the tile applied before the rest of the upper cabinets are set- this is because one cabinet actually rests on the counter top and once it's set, it will be used to establish the top line for the rest of the upper cabinets.

The last two pictures show the cabinets in the master bedroom including one after the marble top and one of the faucets was set. That's Dave T. working on the plumbing. There will be one additional tall cabinet in the corner that sets on top of the marble counter top. The wall outlet you can see will be inside this cabinet to give us a place to plug in things like shavers and the like without having them out on the counter.

The other bath base cabinets for the powder room and the guest bath were also set, they match those in the master bath. These cabinets have 3/8" lipped doors but are made from the same maple as the ones in the kitchen.

Next week, the remaining bath cabinets will be completed and the bath plumbing wrapped up. For the kitchen, not sure when the ceramic counter top is scheduled for install. We'll be off to the quarry to pick the slab of granite for the breakfast bar and powder room counter top in the near future as well. Everything is coming together and now that the work is focused on finishing details, we can really see how the house will look.

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