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Romney, WV

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Geothermal Wells Tied Together

The HVAC company have installed the main Geothermal heat pump in the house and have the lines from the 5 wells that were drilled tied together and ready for the final hook up. First step was to dig down about 6 feet around the wells along with a trench to allow the pipes to be connected. Process to splice the pipe was interesting, basically after the joint was established, a heat unit operating at about 500 degrees is clamped around the pipe and kept on the joint to soften the pipe. Depending on the type of pipe used, the amount of time for the heat to be applied varies.

The first two pictures show the heat pump unit and the pump that will circulate the liquid through the wells. Next shots show the trenching and the manifold that was used to connect the well piping together before the trenches were closed. Another picture shows on of the inside pipes being spliced. It takes two people to hold the joint while another applies the heat. Once the proper time has passed, the heater is removed and the two people quickly press the joint together and hold it while it cools a bit.

Once the wells were connected and the pipes spliced, the pipes were covered with stone dust and the trenches were covered. There is no evidence in the back yard that the wells are there, I did take some careful measurements and pictures before they were covered in case we need to find them again in the future.

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