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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Countertop Tile & Cabinets Completed

My last post showed the start of the tile work in the kitchen, the counter tops are all complete now and the floors have been grouted as well. The only tile work to finish is the back splash which will probably be done next week or over the weekend. Here are some pictures of the finished work. The last picture shows the cabinets on the right side of the kitchen that are now installed, they couldn't be done until the tile work because one of the cabinets rests on the tile. By the time that picture was taken, the tile had been covered with cardboard and as always, any flat surface draws things to set on it. Luan plywood had also been added to the wall where the backs plash will be set in order to help the tile adhere.

Another picture shows the instrument that was used to generate a template for the granite counter top that will be installed on Monday. The operator basically touches the outside points where the granite will rest and then a template drawing is generated by the laptop computer. Once the operator is satisfied, the file is put in to a CAD format and then actually used by computer operated wet saws to cut the granite from the slab we selected- pretty high tech. In another picture, a sample piece of granite is setting next to the tile counter top to show how it will look when completed, the granite will be lower than the tile and tucks in under the rounded edge of the tile. Another shot shows a laser level being used to confirm that the counter top was indeed level and ready for the granite.

We're really happy with the look so far!

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