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Romney, WV

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wiring & Plumbing Continues

Dave T. made a lot of progress this week with the plumbing line installs as well as the electrical work. He's both a licensed plumber and electrician so if you need holes in your walls, he's the guy to get them done. The pictures show some of the wiring being installed for the intercom system as well as the structured wiring being placed in a number of locations in the house.

The intercom wiring is Cat5 that has home runs to the master station that will be located in the office. This unit will give us a music capability throughout the house and to the garage/shop as well. The first picture shows the rough in plate for a room station and the Cat5 cable that is ready for connection.

The blue cables in the other two pictures show the structured wiring. Each cable has two RG6 cables for TV or other video and two Cat5 cables all in a single package about the size of your thumb. These can be terminated with plugs in a single wall outlet. You can see the "false" front of the log that has the holes for the outlet boxes. Once the wiring is completed, this log is secured in place and looks just like all the others.

The second pictures shows the other end of the structured wiring runs all being brought to a single location in the basement. The builder is running the cables but I'll be responsible for adding a structured wiring box which will have various tie down points and plugs for the Cat5 and RG6 cables to terminate. This is where the external satellite tv, phone, and internet connections will be brought in as well. I'll use a multiswitch to distribute the satellite feeds and an Ethernet switch for the internet from the local phone companies router. We're hoping these systems will give us plenty of flexibility both now and for future gadgets.

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