Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Friday, June 25, 2010

Decking Completed

The decking and posts were completed this week, railings will be added in the next couple of weeks. Here are a series of pictures showing the progress. You can see that we're putting a layer of gravel under the deck near the house, this is to help minimize the number of bugs that will try to settle there. We had the area termite treated as well just before the basement slabs were poured. The first picture is the view to the south from the deck after it was completed. Over time, we'll selectively prune or remove some trees to improve the view but won't move too quickly.

The last picture shows a view under the deck that will become a screened porch, screening was applied to the decking joists before the decking boards were laid so hopefully, when completed, we'll have full protection from flying bug and other visitors.

The wood stairs you see are temporary on the back of the house. The rock stairs are a Custom Contracting tradition for homes they build and are at the entrance to the front decking. The final grading around the house will bring the ground level up near the lower of the two rocks when completed. You can see this picture was taken just before the last of the decking was completed.

The other pictures show views as you progress around the 3 sides of the house.

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