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Friday, June 11, 2010

Basement Poured

On Wednesday, the basement concrete was poured after a day or so of prep work. This was quite an effort and I'm still tired! Most of the concrete was moved within the basement using "Georgia Buggies". Take a look at the picture of the gas powered buggy and trust me, that's NOT the kind that were used. Our buggies were man powered but all in all, it didn't take long to get the concrete where it needed to be.

Then, the concrete crew spent the rest of the morning and afternoon finishing the floor and it looks really good. Smooth and flat, just like you want to see. The pictures show the process from the start when boards were put down for the buggies to roll on to a look on the day after the pour.

After the pour was completed, the boards were rinsed off so they could be used for a future project, a good move. You can see from the look on my face that I was ready for someone to take over my buggy, lol.

The pictures at the bottom of the post show work for the footings for the decks that were also dug and poured this week. Plan is for work to start next week on the decks- the last picture shows the metal flashing that is being attached to the house which will be a barrier between the deck frame and the house- this metal is being formed on site and has a drip lip that sets out a bit from the foundation. This is in case we would ever want to add a stone veneer to the foundation (maybe the builder is trying to tell us something?).

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