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Romney, WV

Friday, June 18, 2010

Decking Started

Construction of the decks and porches that will extend around 3 sides of the house started this week- in only 4 days, all of the support posts and joists were in place and deck boards started being screwed down late on Thursday. It took a lot of effort to maneuver around all the post holes. Next week, the decking work will continue and concrete will be poured around the posts.

The decking pictures show the work as it was completed, first shots showing the ledger boards as they were added over the flashing installed last week. Then the joists and posts were all added. The last picture shows Ryan as he is completing the install of the first deck board. I had to leave early but I'm sure there is a lot more in place now.

The fifth picture shows the area where the porch will be screened. Screening will be added in that area under the deck boards before they are put down, then the screen walls and doors will be added later. The screen porch has been in the plans from day one but we were planning to do that work ourselves. We recently (today) changed our minds and will have the builders go ahead and complete the screened porch. Otherwise, we'd need to make sure there was some type of temporary railings in place for inspection that would have to be removed or changed later. We have so many projects already on our plates for the house and property that not having this one on the list is a good thing. That's the official story, I'm not sure that Donna hasn't decided that she likes the builders work better than mine, lol.

Next week, the construction team is also hoping to nearly finish the excavation and grading work so some of the heavy equipment can be moved on to other jobs. We may also be able to dig the holes for the underground propane tank. We'll probably use a 330 gallon tank as we'll want a decent amount of capacity for the whole house generator should we have an extended power outage.

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