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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan 17 Update- Temporary Electric Started

The power pole for the temporary electric meeting has been installed, we're ready for Allegheny Power to actually run the service about 3600 feet up to the property. Once we have temporary power, we'll be able to use the trailer a bit more easily and have a few more comforts like satellite tv, lol.

On January 13, our builder applied for the building permits from Hampshire County- should get an update in the next week or so if all is okay. Once the permits are issued, construction can really get moving. The log house kit has been ordered but there are some final details to complete before the mill starts cutting the logs. There was a slight delay getting the applications for the permits in to the county as the plans needed to be stamped by a design engineer- this isn't a requirement in Berkley County where SNRL has built most of their log homes- not a big deal, just a step.

It turns out the review by the design engineer helped us out a bit- there were a couple of supporting beams in the hall and kitchen that were going to be about 7 1/2 feet above the floor- the design engineer made a suggestion that allowed the beams to be raised nearly a foot so the head room will be higher- nice news!

Donna and I are spending a bit of time trying to make some decisions related to kitchen cabinets, location of outlets, ethernet, and trying to think these things through. There are a lot of choices and we're just getting started! We're still planning to have a wood stove in the basement for supplemental heat but will be adding a propane connection in the great room in case we later tire of the wood handling and want to go with a gas stove upstairs.

Here's one last picture from my last visit the site- our trailer in the snow. Good news is we're finally starting to see a melt of the big snowfall (nearly 2 feet) of snow from before Christmas- road was still covered but only with an inch or two and with four wheel drive, no problem getting to where the house will eventually be built.

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