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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clearing Started, January 26

After a one day rain delay, clearing for the new house has started. We created a bit of a road block at the start of the day on the road leading up to the property. As we headed up the mountain with a large truck hauling the caterpillar and 3 more pick up trucks behind, we ran in to the Allegheny Power team who had just arrived to start putting in the electric lines. They were there with 3 large trucks but everyone found their way and work started about 9:00 am. Here's a shot of the lot at the end of the day.

We made a couple of minor modifications to the site plan before starting, moved the driveway entrance to make it easier to get in and out to the house and garage. Larry drove the caterpillar and took down a lot of trees, Doc was there to separate the stumps (they'll be hauled away later) and cut off the tree tops. I spent the day running my chipper/shredder trying to stay ahead of the team to keep the branches laying around to a minimum- a real workout for my little tractor and shredder but we were caught up at the end of the day. We plan to be back on site Thursday to finish the clearing work, then the excavations can start.

Here is one last picture- 4 of the power poles have been set and all the remaining poles are laid out near their final locations as well. Not much to see, but you get the idea.

All in all, a great first day.

Here's a link to some videos on Youtube-


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