Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Friday, January 22, 2010

Excavation to Start on Jan 25

If all goes as planned, our builder will start clearing trees and excavating on Monday (1/25). I took my small tractor with the woodchipper attached up to the property this week so I can clean up some of the smaller brush and use it for mulch. Tree trunks that are large enough for the sawmill will be saved to make fencing and anything else will be cut for use in the wood stove. The plan is also to bury the stumps somewhere on the site as well to keep the mess to a minimum. I plan to be there on Monday and will take some pictures.

Contacted Frontier Telephone yesterday and ordered phone service. For the neighbors down the hill from us, it took about 5 months to get their service connected so even though we don't need it now, figured it would be good to get started. They told us that high speed internet will be available to us as well- good news is that there is a central office not far down Route 50 so DSL is within reach- great news. With high speed internet and satellite tv, we'll never need to leave :).

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