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Romney, WV

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Flooring Install & Finish

Mike Butler is here this week to install and finish the flooring in the guesthouse. Here are some pictures of the install and a shot after the first coat was applied. There will be 3 coats of finish when he's done.

One of the fun things about building this house has been the chance to meet so many of the local business owners and some of the people that work with them.I've had some really interesting conversations along the way about everything from politics to sports to the economy- it's pretty easy to say that my views are probably not fully in synch with a lot of what's been said but the conversations were always enjoyable anyway and I learned a bit and passed on a bit.

BTW- here's a link to a YouTube video that shows Mike (who did the floors) and a song that he wrote- a talented guy and thought it was worth sharing.

 Mike Butler Charm City

First Board
Chad working on front half of room
Mike almost finished

First coat applied

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