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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Potomac Eagle Train Trip

Last fall, Donna and I rode the local Potomac Eagle train through the Trough. The trip is about 3 1/2 hours and leaves from Romney and heads south along the South Branch of the Potomac River through an area known as the Trough, then stops and returns to Romney.

The train ride is known for it's scenic route and the chance to see Bald Eagles on most every trip. The eagles live and nest in the Trough area. The track is a little used portion of the railway so when eagles are spotted, the train will slow or even stop to allow you to take a look or get some good pictures. There is an open gondola car on most trips that you can ride in for about 30 to 45 minutes at a time. The rolling stock and engines are vintage and from all over the country, most from the 50' and 60's I believe.
From the gondola car as we head back to Romney

Our group in the private car
We went with a group of people from town that we've met through the owner of a local Jewelry and craft boutique called Anderson's Corner. There is also a branch of the store in Moorefield, WV. If you get out this way, please stop in and say hi. Patti Anderson is the owner and a really nice lady, very active in the community with charity work and working to promote the town all the time. Once in a while, she sponsors a trip for her customers, friends, etc. with an opportunity to buy discounted tickets for the trip. We had our own car for the trip, some nice refreshments and a beautiful day for it. We were right at the end of the foliage season, not quite as bright as a week or two earlier but still nice.
Nice view through the Trough

Nice bald eagle flying by

Bald eagle waiting for fish?

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