Hidden Bend Retreat, Romney West Virginia

Romney, WV

Friday, February 15, 2013

Alpacas are Here!

We brought home our 5 alpacas on May 4, we borrowed a small horse trailer and made the 40 minute trip from Bear Garden Farms in Capon Bridge, WV to our place. Here are a few pictures of the boys as they settle in. Hershey decided to take a dust bath not long after he got here. The second picture shows Waylon, Deago, and Jasmine eagerly watching the new arrivals. The alpacas had been sheared about 2 weeks prior to being brought here. There are 5, all boys. Their names are Delorean, Gold, Hershey, Toby, and Tuxedo. We had a sixth alpaca, Leo, as well that was too young to make the trip with others. He joined us a couple of months later in July but sadly, died on Labor Day- the vet was unable to determine the cause of death. He had some problems after he was born and had issues gaining weight but seemed to have turned the corner. We buried him on the hill below the pasture and Donna and I miss him. That's him in the last picture at Bear Garden the same day we brought the others home.

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